China-Europe forum focuses on talent optimisation

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Zurich – The second China-Europe Talent Forum was on Wednesday jointly hosted in Switzerland to explore a new model for companies to bring, buy or build talents as they are expanding internationally.

Co-hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland and the Swiss Adecco Group, the forum brought together more than 180 participants from companies, academic institutions, international organisations and government agencies.

Geng Wenbing, Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, said at the forum that China and Europe together hold a “treasure bowl” of the world’s best talents, but each side has its own strengths in the talent field.

According to Wenbing, China have a large number of skilled talents, while Europe boasts innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

The complementary advantages herewith are obvious, and the potential for exchanges and cooperation is huge.

The ambassador expressed his country’s happiness to see local talents go international, and willing to recruit talents from all over the world to participate in China’s construction and development.

He said the forum was to open up exchange channels between Chinese and European companies, schools and government departments.

“Through the cooperation of talents, we can enhance the innovation capability and mutual learning between China and Switzerland, as well as China and Europe, so that all sides can benefit together,’’ he said.

Rolf Dorig, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Adecco Group, said the very essence of how people earn their living today was changing very rapidly, as the technology was generating completely new business models.

“Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data are having a profound effect on how people work and the skills they need.

“These megatrends are impacting the world of work every day and are fundamentally altering the business landscape from year to year.

“That is why companies need to take the lead in shaping the future of work and become agile in spotting and capitalising the emerging trends to win when facing challenges,’’ Dorig said.

The Adecco Group also released a white paper entitled “Optimising Your Talent Mix: Bring, Buy or Build”.

This, the group said, used to prefer bringing skilled labour from home when expanding overseas, were now increasingly turning to local labour markets or buying short-term experts on the ground. (Xinhua/NAN)

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