Cleric urges leadership with fear of God

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– Monsignor Gabriel Osu, Director Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese , Sunday  urged to demonstrate fear God in to enhance development.

Osu made appeal while delivering a sermon at Lady Star Sea Catholic , Lekki, .

He said that a privilege from God, urging that would be required to give account of their stewardships.

should understand that whatever things they do, they give account of them to God.

should endeavour to do what is just.

“This is because a leader is not in the position of authority to represent a clique, religion or tribe, but to represent God,” he said.

He said that there the need for coexistence among religious groups in to promote growth.

Osu said that should be willing to forgive and reconcile with one another to reduce conflict and .

The urged to tolerate and accommodate one another to enable the country’s leaders give much attention societal development. (NAN)