Coronavirus and the looming WhatsApp misinformation frenzy

Whatapp News

By Samuel O Ajayi

 Until Yinka Festus Adb, raised it yesterday (Friday), I didn’t think about it. But for this , I may temporarily disable my . I mean it.

Most Nigerians hardly PROCESS any information they receive. No rigorous review of a piece of info before they share. They are a bunch of “shared as received”, “copied”, “send to your loved ones”.

You won’t be unfortunate in His name. Please any information you do not know its source, don’t send to me biko. Either on or any other thing. Anything I share here, I always add the “source” at the end. My contacts know me: I do NOT do sharing. I repeat: I do NOT do it.

If you send me health or SENSIBLE security tips, (please note the word ‘sensible’) I always appreciate. My friends also know that. I know has provided another fertile ground for fake and/or unconfirmed news and outright falsehood on .

Most annoying are the ones ending with “send to 100 people” and someone who claims to have commonsense and was sent to school will start sharing same. In 2020? E ko ni se oriibu o. Do not spread panic and fear. Spread verifiable information that can help. Above all, as they say in journalism: when in DOUBT, leave OUT!

•Source: Facebook, February 29, 2020