Don’t die within…Speak out!

Whatapp News

By Samuel O Ajayi

One major ‘damage’ has done to us is that it ‘helps’ us to suppress our individual challenges and serious personal problems.
 Since we like projecting that which is POSITIVE, many are hardly aware of the numerous NEGATIVES we are battling. If your marriage is NOT WORKING, that does not make you a failure or an incomplete individual. Certain things might be beyond your control. If you have no job or the one you have is not gainful, it does not make you a disaster.

 However, no point dying within. No point waiting till when you snap and kill your spouse or you ‘feel like jumping’ into the lagoon. Carefully and diligently look for someone to talk to. I said “carefully” because some people might pretend they are assisting but are actually making jest of you.

If you have no job, no point going to banks and tastefully furnished offices to snap pictures. Speak to friends here or in real life. Don’t let them believe you are ‘above’ assistance or help. Like I keep hammering here: after getting 400 likes and 200 comments for your ‘nice picture’, they amount to nothing if you go to bed on empty stomach.
 I, Samuel Opeyemi Ajayi, writing this, am facing my own personal challenges. At times, I have had to reach out to senior friends just like I also encourage junior ones to reach out too. I prefer doing a DISCREET fund raising for you to pay rent than doing fund raising for burial after suicide.
 May God continue to meet us at our points of need according to His reaches in glory. It shall be well. But learn to speak out…

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