Court dissolves 39-year-old marriage over wife’s stubbornness

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ABEOKUTA – An Ake Customary Court Abeokuta on Thursday dissolved a 39-year-old between Abdulrahman Oseni and Mrs Tayo stubbornness and provocation.

Oseni had told court that union was blessed with six , aged 38, 36, 33, 31, 29 and 27, respectively.

plaintiff said he sought for dissolution on grounds his wife’s stubbornness, frequent fighting, provocation, trouble making and threat life.

He said that his wife had been submissive and had a domineering attitude house, claiming that she also threatened harm him.

“I have lost my authority as the head the house because my wife would always take laws into her hand.

“She is so rude, stubborn and wicked; sometimes we stay at without talking each other for days.

“Even one our sons who is married is living my house with his family.

“I can’t send my son’s wife any message, anytime I do that, my wife would start shouting that I am sleeping with my son’s wife.

“Please dissolve us to avoid bloodshed, I am totally fed up,” Oseni prayed the court.

However, Tayo confirmed all what Oseni said about her.

Tayo told the court that she was in agreement with the dissolution of the union.

“All I just want is that the court should help me appeal to my husband to harm me or do anything bad to me in future,” she said.

Replying her, the plaintiff agreed to harm or hurt her, saying that she is the mother of his .

The court president, Mr Olalekan Akande, dissolved the union and asked both parties to go their separate ways.

“The court has tried in settling this , but the plaintiff told me that the wife’s family was not for settlement and he observed that her family has been on her side,” the president said.

Akande said that the court has no option to dissolve the to avoid any rancour. (NAN)