DisCo debunks rumour Of Disconnecting Pre-paid meter Users in South East

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By Stanley Nwanosike

, – Distribution (EEDC), has debunked rumour and false publications that was making moves to disconnect all pre-paid meter users South-East.

Head Communications, EEDC, Mr Emeka Ezeh, denied that a on Sunday .

He stated that rumour was triggered by false online publications which he described as misleading and did emanate from .

Ezeh explained that the company wanted to ensure that its few customers using a particular outdated pre-paid meter brand which the company could no longer provide technological for migrated to the Smart Pre-paid meters.

He said that the development did apply or involve overwhelming its customers already using the Smart Pre-paid meter platform.

According to him, the affected few customers are pre-informed the development through a letter sent to them earlier this year.

“They are also encouraged to take advantage of the ongoing Meter Asset Provider (MAP) metering scheme to get their meters replaced, as the ones they are using are obsolete and no longer compatible with the existing operating .

“The company can no longer provide technical for these affected meters,’’ he said.

Ezeh said that arrangement had been put in place to reimburse all those affected customers that still have energy units (credit) on their meters with the same value.

“As an ICT-driven organisation that is committed to delivering customer satisfaction, we invest in upgrading our infrastructure and always carry our customers along as we do this.

“In this case, we have informed those customers affected and expect them to understand that the whole effort is towards satisfying them,” he added.