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Don’t be advocate of fake news, Uniosun VC tell matriculating students


As Osun State University matriculates 4000 new students admitted to the school, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Clement Adebooye has urged the students not to indulge in spreading fake news about the institution.

Speaking at the University auditorium, Osogbo main campus, he charged the students not to demarket the institution through their social media activities but should project it positively for their benefit.

He said, “It is important I let you know that it is in your best interest to project this University positively in social media. Use your WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc wisely.

I plead with you not to de-market our University through the abuse of the privilege provided by social media. If you de-market the University on social media, you’re doing the University serious harm, you are also de-marketing yourselves because society and the labour market will regard you as products of a University with a bad reputation.

Remember that employers would not want to be associated with products of an institution with a bad reputation. I hereby advise you all to do everything to protect the good name of the University. Also, don’t join the trail of the people who are quick to press the “forward button” to share any news item on WhatApp platforms. It is a great disease in our country today…”.

Professor Adebooye assured the student of the University’s resolve to ensure that students graduate on time, irrespective of unforeseen circumstances like the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the country.

“We are proud to state that our academic calendar is as reliable as an old wheel-horse. We are a public institution and we respect our contract with you and that is why we don’t turn 4-year Course to 7-year Course. We are widely renowned for the consistency and strict adherence to our academic calendar. Even when COVID-19 disrupted the academic calendars of most Universities in 2020, our University was on track and we were able to complete the academic session by employing the virtual approach to learning and assessment.

“We will continue to keep and respect our own part of the bargain. Your own part of the bargain is to read your books, do your assignments, pass your practical and exams and graduate on time”, he said.

The Vice-Chancellor further charged the student to focus on their studies with a view to justifying the privilege accorded them by the University.

“To further establish how fortunate you are, I must inform you that over six thousand (6,000) candidates made UNIOSUN their first choice University in the admission exercise that brought all of you here. Unfortunately, we accepted and offered provisional admission to only about four thousand (4,000) students. I guess you should count yourself lucky.

“I would therefore implore you to work very hard to justify and give credence to your admission. More importantly, if you work hard and pass well, you will be proud of yourself and your parents will be proud of you”, he said.

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