Ebola: Chidoka expresses commitment to protect Nigerians

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chidokaThe Minister for , Mr. Osita Chidoka, has said the Federal Government remains committed to wiping off the Ebola virus disease the country.
He said specifically, government had put in place measures to ensure infected persons were allowed into the country, adding screening centers had been set up at the airports to this end.
Chidoka said this on while addressing the on critical points that his administration would look into.
He said even though the virus came in unexpectedly, government poised to the issue as much as possible.
He said, “You will all agree me that I assumed office at a critical period when the Ebola Virus came into Nigeria, and of the main things I touched during my visit to the Lagos Airport to review the procedures being put in place by the authorities at the airport to properly screen passengers.[eap_ad_2]
“I want to use this forum to assure Nigerians that the Federal Government is doing all that it can to ensure that Nigerians are protected this deadly disease. Already, we have seen the proactive measures taken by the president in this regards.
“And so, I want to reassure everyone of government’ assurance to keep Nigerians safe and to sure that the country is a transit point for the disease. The Ebola thing is a political, tribal, or religious issue, therefore, it is something that we all must come together to fight.”
He assured that all the unions, airlines, operatives and ’ were in agreement to keep the airport Ebola-free.
Speaking on other issues as regards the airport, Chidoka said his administration committed to creating investment opportunities in the industry and would align ’ comments what was contained in the Masterplan.
He added that the president would be briefed on all the concerns that have been raised by both and agencies and on what urgently needed to be done to move the industry to the next level.[eap_ad_3]