Ebola: Two more Nigerians die drinking, bathing with hot salt water

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more people from Markudi, have died from excessive consumption salt.

Less a week ago, people died while 20 were hospitalized after excessive consumption salt to being infected deadly Ebola virus.

Dr. Joseph Kumba, , Public Health Ministry Health and Human Services announced this Wednesday. [eap_ad_1] He said, “We got the report at a today (Wednesday 13th August) that persons (a male and a female) died at Ushakaa clinic as a result of drinking and bathing hot salted .”

The Medical of Ushakaa Hospital, Dr. Innocent Gbillah did not disclose the names of the deceased but said they were admitted into the hospital .

“He said they did everything possible to help the victims but to avail. of them died Tuesday at 7 pm while the other gave up the ghost at 5 am Wednesday (yesterday),” he said.