#EndSARS: SPAR sends thought-provoking message to Nigerians after store got looted

A store belonging to SPAR Nigeria, a chain of supermarket and department store, was looted in Ikoyi, Lagos, by hoodlums, as a fallout of the #EndSARS protests.


But the company, instead of sulking over its losses, chose to send a thought-provoking message to Nigerians.


“Our Lekki store has been vandalized and looted,” the company said in a message it posted on Twitter, on Wednesday.

“But, we acknowledge that this is only a setback compared to the larger issues we are all facing as a nation, and our thoughts and prayers remain with Nigerians everywhere, and for a peaceful resolution to various issues at hand.”

The company subsequently tweeted, “Rebuilding a supermarket is hard. Rebuilding a nation is even harder. We stand with you Nigeria.

“Stay focused. Be the solution,” it added.

The company uploaded on the micro-blogging site photos of the vandalised and looted store.

The message appeared to have connected with many Nigerians on Twitter, going by the responses.

Several people said they were deeply touched by the message, apologised to the company and vowed to patronise it, once order is restored in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Some people even said they would like to volunteer in any way they can to help SPAR.

“OMG!!! This is a heartbreaking message, I swear. @SPARNigeria, if you need any man power, contact me. I can help in whatever way. I can’t help financially, but if you need manpower, contact me,” one Twitter user, @JuniorOlan2, said.

“It appears @SPARNigeria supermarket has a better understanding of how to relate with Nigerians than Nigerian leaders. We shall overcome,” another Twitter user, @anthonykila, said.

“Wow. Even in all these losses, you chose positivity, sensitivity and empathy. May you find all the help you need to get back stronger and better,” said another Twitter user, @thamuliat.

“I hereby promise to never ever ever patronize any other store in any location where SPAR is available. It would always be SPAR! This is more than a promise, it is an oath,” said another Twitter user, @Fieryland.

“I couldn’t hold back tears rolling down my chick, looking at these pictures and reading the message they came with.

“Stay strong @SPARNigeria while phase passes. You’ve earned my respect and patronage for the next expected better phase,” a Twitter user, @Real_Mekz, said.

Hoodlums in different parts of Nigeria have been attacking public and private properties as a fallout of the #EndSARS protests.

The #EndSARS protests, which began nearly two weeks ago, seek an end to police brutality in the country, among other institutional reforms.

Some states in Nigeria have imposed curfews to curtail loss of lives and properties.

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