EndSARS, STRATEGY and PLAN B, By Churchill Umoren

The EndSARS movement needs leadership, plan, strategy and plan B. I implore you to go read Dr Doyin Okupe https://sundiatapost.com/doyin-okupe-pens-advice-to-endsars-protesters/.
Just like June 12 , it has gained traction locally and internationally and it is growing.
I was active during the June 12 agitation, and know why it fizzled. It had traction even with brutal gun wielding soldiers who killed protesters at will.
The strategy to make MKO visible was poorly thought out. Once he was arrested, leaders fled abroad it was over. I recall my conversation with Kudirat Abiola and Dele Alake. I insisted, for MKO to show up anywhere would be suicidal. Staying underground was effective.

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On long haul protests, We are subsistence folks, easily lethargic because Nigerians have no social safety nets for citizens who are poor or unemployed , or stay home due to protests, like in the west and in North Africa and Some Arab nations. Even in some West African states, we have social safety nets, in Nigeria, you on your own.
To stay home for weeks could be hard if you are self employed, is hard.
Because of the poverty level, the movement can be infiltrated, crowds rented not necessarily by government but its apologies. Then you get distractions. Already, we are seeing urchins sponsored by agents of government, mingling and causing mayhem. It happened in the US. The KKK/Trump guys infiltrated BLM, looted and torched businesses until the cops busted them and got confessions. Be alert

So the movement needs put together demands, a team of leaders ready as soon as possible.
It is clear to the authorities that this is beyond SARS but we must work out the strategy real quick.

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