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EXCLUSIVE: Vultures, Mad People Left In PDP, Nnamani Reveals Why He Left Party


By Jude Owuamanam

Abuja (Sundiata Post) — Former Senate President, Ken Nnamani, has disclosed that he left the embattled opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because of its gross impunity and undemocratic practice.

Nnamani added that PDP was a nonexistent party when he left, as there were only vultures and mad people left in the Party before he decided to decamp to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Nnamani was a very prominent member of the PDP.

But many Nigerians were stunned by his announcement to dump the Party that provided him the platform through which he achieved the greatest height of his political career.

Many even said that Nnamani’s timing of leaving the PDP was not right, as he left the Party at the time it needed him most.

In an interview with the Sundiata Post, Nnanani not only agreed that the PDP gave him a platform to reach the height of his career so far, but also encouraged him to do what he did.

But he, however, recalled his initial problem with the Party.

“I wrote a very passionate narrative when I was leaving. I showed gratitude to PDP for giving me a platform because under that platform I reached the height of my career so far. The Party encouraged me to do what I did. I also tried to blow the whistle most of the time I saw things going wrong in PDP.

“If you recall, there was something we called PDP Reform Forum (PRF). I was the Chairman. My deputy then was then Speaker Aminu Masari. The Governor of Kaduna (State) today, (Nasir) El-Rufai, was in charge of e-registration. (Aminu) Tambuwal was also a member. Many of them are now governors.

“We were suspended from the Party because we said let the Party practice internal democracy. We popularised the term. When we were suspended, we went to court. Kanu Agabi, SAN, and many other senior lawyers were our lawyers. They did not charge us a kobo.

“We were able to get Ahmadu Ali and co to stop holding a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the PDP. Memories are very short. I did not lead that alone. I (had) other people,” he disclosed.

Nnamani revealed that he made several efforts to put things right with the Party, but the high rate of impunity and undemocratic practice in the Party kept making things worse.

“At a point, that party became a flag bearer of impunity. I hate to use the word cabal, but a group of people hijacked the people. Even when it said it is the largest party in Africa, nobody knows the number, how many people are in the Party.

“The PDP Reform Forum wanted to ensure that every member of the party counts by e-registration. Former President Goodluck Jonathan was the first person to register on the television. So, Ahmadu Ali and others felt that we had created a division, and we got suspended. I still have the suspension letter signed by (Kawu) Baraje, who was then the National Secretary. I have the one he wrote inviting us back after we won in the court. Nothing changed after that.

“Remember that somebody said PDP will rule for 60 years. That was a statement of impunity. That means that would be no need for election, nor any other party coming on board. All these are signs of failure.

“Now, they started dissolving state chapters of the Party randomly just by mere pronouncement, whereas our constitution made it clear how a state chapter could be dissolved. I wrote a personal letter to (Vincent) Ogbulafor, the National Chairman, on this matter. I have a copy. I have a file on PDP.

“I did not just jump. I am taking you through all these sequence to show you that my leaving the Party was not a spontaneous reaction or decision. Not too long ago, November 11, 2015, I led a delegation of PDP stalwarts to Wadata Plaza, telling that, yes, we did not do well in the election, we should have a new face for the Party.

“I told them that, if there is a vacancy for any position in the Party, we should fill the vacancy with somebody from the same zone until there is a convention, and then we will fill that position. Let us obey our constitution. (Adamu) Muazu resigned, after the election and (Uche) Secondus took over. Secondus is not from the Northeast. I said let us obey our constitution once again, and it was not done.

“(Ahmed) Gulak went to court, and won, making Secondus’ position null and void. He (Secondus) did not leave. So, the manipulation continued with Olisa Metuh and others.

“I am telling you the story now. I led a delegation that asked these questions. There are many issues I raised that time at the Wadata (House), and they said they would get back to us later. The same night of November 11, I addressed the PDP caucus at the National Assembly in the Deputy Senate President’s house (Ike Ekweremadu). I spoke there for 15 minutes, and what I was told was the same answer I got in the day time at Wadata. They will get back to us. Many people were with me.

“I waited until that February 2016 when I was invited by the former President; this is the first time I am saying this publicly. There was to be a BoT (Board of Trustees) meeting on Monday, that should be the 8th, or thereabout. They encouraged me that I should go and become the BoT chairman. That I will be nominated. Remember that I had already showed interest in BoT chair before (Tony) Anenih. They said Anenih should go ahead, and his age is no problem; he is an elder statesman.

“I came back to my office that day, and addressed the press. I told them that I was leaving PDP, and they said whaaaat?!,” he narrated.

Nnamani, thereafter, informed the Sundiata Post that there were only vultures and mad people when he left the PDP.

“Now, I could not wait until that Monday to attend that meeting where the chances were that I could become the BoT chairman. Chairman of a nonexistent party! That meant that the people, who came to the market had all gone home, and now, I was going to buy and sell with vultures and mad people. It is the time I will become the BoT chairman.

“That was why I resigned, and that night, coincidentally, I left for US. Remember, I resigned (on) February 6, 2015, and the other delegation was November 11, 2015. I memorised the dates because they were important in my life because I know that one day, people like you will ask me. I put it in writing. It was more organised than what I am telling you. These were the reasons, in a nutshell, why I reasoned. I did not decamp,” he maintained.

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