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Experts task Nigerians on water-borne diseases


LAGOS – Medical experts on Saturday advised Nigerians  to use WaterGuard product to treat and purify their drinking water to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases and other ailments.

The experts gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos  against the background of events commemorating the  World Water Day.

NAN reports that the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 designated March 22 as World Water Day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water-related issues.
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The experts  said that contaminated water was one of the major sources of transmitting  diseases.

A general physician, Dr Nkechi Asogwa, described WaterGuard as a chlorine-based water treatment system that purifies water from the bacteria which causes water-borne diseases.

Asogwa said that the use of the product reduces  the risk of  contracting diseases such as  cholera, typhoid fever, Viral gastroenteritis and hepatitis  due to drinking  dirty water.[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″]

She said that these diseases were common in less-industrialised countries like Nigeria where unsafe drinking water, inadequate sewage disposal and flooding were rampant.

”We have leakages of pipes everywhere and it allows dirt from drains  to enter the pipes and water is likely to be contaminated with sewage and germs.

”You can get typhoid fever if Salmonella Typhi bacteria gets into the water you use for drinking or washing food.

”Once the bacteria enters the person’s body, they multiply and spread from the intestines into the bloodstream and the body reacts with fever and other signs,” she said.

Asogwa, however, advised that regular intake of clean water, good hygiene and sanitation would prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

Another general physician, Dr Emeka Amechi, said proper sanitation systems, provision of  safe water supply, adequate sewage disposal and use of WaterGuard to chlorinate water were the best ways to prevent waterborne diseases.

Amechi said  that drinking clean and safe water also helps  the body  cells to take in nutrients and get rid of toxins.

“ It allows  adequate blood flow in the body to  keep the skin glowing.

”Chlorine purifies water and kills off any water-borne pathogens and micro-organisms in the water.

”The common advice is to drink eight glasses of water daily alongside fruits  and vegetables, ” he added. (NAN)

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