Fashola accuses Yoruba leaders of sell-out

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LAGOS—Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State yesterday alleged that some Yoruba leaders collected money from some politicians, with the aim of persuading their subjects to vote for the financiers.
However, Fashola and the standard bearer of the (APC), in  Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode urged residents to eschew violence Saturday, saying; “This electionwill be historical.”

They spoke at the APC campaign rally in Shomolu Local Government which also witnessed the defection of some members of the Democratic Party, , in the council to the APC.
Fashola, who addressed the crowd in English and Yoruba,  lamented that the action of these Yoruba leaders discredited the status of the Yoruba race.
Speaking in Yoruba, he said: “The Yorubas need to think. Some Yoruba leaders have betrayed us – the Yorubas because of money.
‘’This election is for freedom. And this was how it happened in the past which prompted the late Herbert Ogunde, who titled one of his songs ‘Yoruba think.’ The money is blood money. And posterity judge them for that action.”
gathered that the governor was apparently referring to the leaders in the South-West who have lately romanced the PDP presidential candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.
The governor noted that their action will affect the outcome of the polls because Nigerians have resolved to change the government at the centre.
Fashola added that the Presidential election billed for Saturday, March 28 will be historical. “This will be the first time since independence that Nigerians will be changing a government that has failed to perform its responsibilities to its citizens. Previously, it is the military that does that for us.”
Stay close to the polling booths

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The governor warned the electorate not to leave the polling booths after casting their votes, saying; “There is nothing that stops you from waiting at the polling units after casting your vote. But the electoral law prohibits campaign for vote at the polling units.
“Asking electorate to stay 300 meters away from the polling units is like asking one to stay away from the polling units three times the length of a football field. And one cannot see what is happening,” he added.

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Fashola said that election is governed by law, adding “those who said you should stay away from the polling units are reading the electoral act wrongly. And they planned to rig the election.

Advice for election day
According to the governor, “before you leave home on Saturday, the first thing you should do is to wash your hands so that the card readers can recognize your finger print. Also on that day, dress well and call others when you are going to the polling units.
“After you have been accredited and you have cast your vote, stay where you can see how the voting is going on.
“It is not only the political parties that have interest in the electoral process. Citizens who aren’t affiliated to any of the political parties also have interest in the outcome of the polls.
“Don’t fight with anyone at the polling units. The electoral act says that once the voting is completed in each of the polling units, the electoral officer must count the vote and announce the result to the residents.”
“And that is how it is stated in the electoral law. If the residents are not there, who will the electoral officers announce the result of the election to. Stay close to the polling units and don’t disrupt the election process,” he added.
Go to polling booths with your mobile phones— Ambode

Earlier, Ambode while urging the electorate to troop out en-mass to cast their vote for the APC, urged residents not to panic or fight at the polling booths. Go to the polling units with your mobile phones and the voting process.
“And that was why have to appeal to you not to fight. Whatever strategy they adopted to intimidate you, don’t panic. Your PVC is your .
“Democracy and Nigeria have found convergence and that convergence is to rescue the country. Go to the polling units with you phones and record the process. We are marching to victory,” Ambode said.