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Fatima Wins N500,000 in Gbam’s Instant Lottery


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) A recent graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, Muhammed Fatimah Binta got her bank account credited with the sum of five hundred thousand Naira (N500, 000) after playing Gbam’s instant- win lottery with just two hundred Naira (N200)

Gbam Nigeria is an instant-win lottery company with a unique scratch-and-win proposition primarily focused on transforming the lives of Nigerians by gathering a pool of money through its different games types.

The games are designed around lifestyle interest of Nigerians: Sports, Fashion, Food, Music, Tourism, Street Vibes, Politics etc. Each game contains a statement or question with the instruction to scratch the panel area to reveal the matching answer. Players cannot adjust or predict the answer, only scratch to see if you’re a lucky winner.

“Fatima took a few simple steps such as registering on www.gbam.ng, logged in using a unique login identification and transferring money from her account to the Play Box before she could win the N500,00, says Oluwasegun Marculay, Chief Sales Officer at Gbam Nigeria.

Gbam’s instant win lottery is built on an automated technology that only notifies the firm through its website backend without interfering the gaming process.

Marculay explains that Gbam is real and genuine in terms of living up its promise of transforming the lives of Nigerians.

“The moment she won, the money was transferred to her bank account automatically. Gbam does not interact with it and it’s a good thing that she believed in us by playing because we have shown genuinety in our operations.”

Fatima who says she is a big risk taker when it comes to gambling expressed happiness and amazement following the bank credit alert she received after winning the lottery.

“When I got the alert, I asked myself if this was for real. Till today, I am still surprised that I got such huge amount of money. I have been playing gambling for sometime because I like taking risk and staking.”

Fatima who has been a caterer explains that the N500, 000 would go a long way to expanding her business. “Ever since I graduated from the university, I have been involved in catering and with the money I would be able to do more things, she adds.

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