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The attention of the Board and of the Federal Inland Service has once again been drawn the nefarious activities of fraudsters impersonating the Executive Chairman of the Service and sending text messages very important personalities requesting them forward details of candidates to FIRS for job placement in the Service. 

This is in addition some criminally-minded persons who have been going round defrauding unsuspecting job seekers of hard-earned money through dubious employment scheme. It is rather unfortunate that this is still going on despite the fact that some of the perpetrators of this illegal job racketeering have been arrested and are being charged court. 

The Service wishes emphatically dissociate itself from this scam, and is using this disclaimer serve a very strong warning those involved in this job scam and racketeering to desist forthwith or else the full weight of the law would be brought on anyone caught in this detestable act. 

The Service also wishes to reiterate that whenever it decides to carry out the would be notified through appropriate channels of communication. The Service is also using this to reassure the that whenever the comes for due process would be followed. No candidate would be required to anything to be employed into the Service.

The is once again advised to be wary of carrying out any cash transactions with anybody or group of persons for the purpose of job placement in the Service, or should report such people to the appropriate authorities. The is urged to always clarify any about recruitment in the Service with

Please be guided.


Muhammad Nami

Executive Chairman, FIRS