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Frenchman sentenced to community service for climbing New York Bridge


NEW YORK – A New York City judge on Wednesday sentenced a French tourist to 240 hours of cleaning a Manhattan jail for climbing a city bridge, local media reported.
Yonathan Souid, 23, climbed a cable on November 16 on the Brooklyn Bridge, in an effort to take pictures of the city from atop.
However, he was half way to the top when police forced him to climb down.
Souid pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour charge that bars individuals from climbing large structures.
The incident was the third time this year that New York authority had to deal with security breaches at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.
On July 22, two German artists climbed unnoticed up the 84-metre-high towers and raised two white flags in place of the U.S. flags.
The mysterious appearance of white flags raised security concerns about the closely guarded landmarks.
The artists, Mischa Leinkauf, 37, and Matthias Wermke, 35, managed to leave the U.S. and several weeks later told media from Germany that their stunt was intended to celebrate “the beauty of public space.”
Russian tourist Yaroslav Kolchin, 24, was detained by police, after climbing one of the bridge towers on August 24 and sharing his pictures with local media.
He was also sentenced in October to 92 hours of community service. (dpa/NAN)

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