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FRSC commemorates with accident victims, families in Enugu


ENUGU – The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in Enugu on |Sunday commemorated with accident victims and their families to mark the UN World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Crash victims.

The FRSC’s state Sector Commander, Mr Taiwo Eseyin, said that a service at Christ Church Uwani, Anglican Communion in Enugu tha\t the event was to draw public attention to the carnages on the roads.

He also said that it was to solicit for the need to embrace best road traffic practices and others associated with crashes.

The 3rd Sunday of November Every Year has been designated by the United Nations as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Crash victims to which Nigeria is a signatory.

He urged all road users to avoid rush while on the road, saying driving was a serious business.

“Driving is a serious business; do not regard it as one of those things you do anyhow, when you are on the road, you must concentrate for you to get to your destination alive,” Eseyin said.

He appealed to motorists to maintain a limit speed of 100km per hour or less in order to control any emergency or problem while driving on the highways.

Eseyin called on road users to always obey traffic rules, saying the commission was not really after the money paid by the road offenders but interested in their safety on the roads.

“We do not really want your money, we want you to be obedient on the roads because we are tired of carrying dead and injured people on the highways,” he said.

Eseyin said that the event was given a global recognition from the decision reached at the African Union Executive Council of January 2012 and the United Nation’s resolution of Oct. 26, 2005.

According to him, FRSC was not just an organisation that aims at enforcement alone but also often makes sure that people who leave their homes get to their destinations peacefully and alive.

“Not everyone on the road gets to his or her destination alive, some have lost their lives on transit before their time due to impatient, carelessness and indiscipline on roads, thereby leaving their loved ones and their benefactors behind to suffer.

“This is the time to commisserate with those who have lost their beloved ones in road traffic crashes.

“It is also to remind them that whenever they are on the road, they should be careful and disciplined so that what happened to their lost ones will not happened to them as well,” he said.

In his sermon, the Superintendent of Christ Church, Uwani, Dr Peter Ghamzi, called on all road users to try as much as possible to obey road traffic rules so as not to fall victims of accidents

He urged Nigerians to always pray for God’s protection of the lives of the FRSC officers while carrying out their duties on highways. (NAN)

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