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German museum reopens 5 months after gold treasure theft


MUNICH- German museum is reopening five months after the spectacular theft of a Celtic gold treasure that was being exhibited there.

The Celtic Roman Museum in Manching in Bavaria will be open again from May 2, the museum and the State Archaeological Collection announced in a statement on Friday.

However, the display cases that were broken during the robbery in November 2022 will remain closed to visitors for the time being.

How to proceed with this area is “the subject of deliberations,’’ the statement said.

In the night of Nov. 22, unknown perpetrators broke into the Manching Museum, which is about 75 kilometres north of Munich, and stole a treasure of 483 Celtic gold coins and three other coins.

The pure material value of the 3.7 kilograms of gold is estimated at around 275,000 million dollars, but the rarity of the historical coins puts their actual value in the millions.

The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office is investigating the crime.(dpa/NAN)

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