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Germany plans to build trauma centre for Islamic State rape victims


BERLIN – Germany said it plan to build a centre to treat traumatised women, who were raped by the Islamic State extremist group, the country’s Development Minister, Gerd Mueller has said.
Mueller who spoke with newsmen on Monday said the centre would be built in Germany and would be able to treat up to 100 women.
“It will complement a slew of projects that the development ministry has already opened in Iraq,” he said.
Mueller also called for training programmes for youth, permanent housing, economic aid and the construction of new health facilities for refugees displaced by the conflict in Iraq and Syria.
He said that many of the people in refugee camps, including 70,000 babies that had been born in Syrian refugee camps in the last two years, needed urgent international help.
He also decried ongoing anti-immigrant protests in Germany.
“The protesters are afraid of Islamists. We must make it clear, that when we talk about refugees we are not talking about fanatics or even economic migrants.
“We are talking about severely traumatised war victims; these are not terrorists. We need to help them,” he said. (dpa/NAN)

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