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Greece deploys riot police in Athens for students march


GREECE – deploys riot police in Athens for students march NAN-F-2 Riot Athens, Government said more than 7,000 riot police were deployed across Athens on Monday to guard an annual march to commemorate the 1973 student uprising against Greece’s military dictatorship. It said all the major streets would remain closed to traffic throughout the afternoon as students and trade unions prepare to take part in the rally. It said Athens’ Law School and Athens University of Economics and Business, have also been fenced off by police and cordons have been set up around Parliament and the Finance Ministry. Hundreds of people could be seen laying wreaths and flowers over the past few days at a memorial marking the event. Government noted that putting all the necessary security apparatus in place had become imperative because the annual march often turned violent. It said some universities were also shut for five days and banned all sit-ins. It said just last week, students determined to break the ban clashed with riot police outside Athens’ Law School and two people were injured. The students uprising began after hundreds were killed when tanks rolled onto the Polytechnic School campus. It ended in 1974 with the fall of the seven-year dictatorship. (dpa/NAN)

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