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Hamas Terror: Israel imposes absolute blockade of Gaza without food, fuel, electricity

ISRAEL- Israel has imposed a complete blockade on the region to strengthen its occupation of the Gaza Strip, sparking outrage and deepening tensions in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The hostilities were renewed by the Hamas armed resistance fighters’ offensive, which confronted Israeli military posts in a surprise attack on Saturday.  

Yoaz Gallant, Israel’s defence minister, announced this drastic measure on Monday, characterizing it as a “total” blockade, a “full siege,” on Gaza, including “no electricity, no food and no fuel.”


“I ordered a full siege on the Gaza Strip. No power, no food, no gas, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly,” Mr Gallant reportedly said. 

The blockade forms part of the Israeli response to the escalating resistance efforts by Palestinians seeking to challenge the apartheid conditions they endure under Israeli occupation.

This decision will leave the civilian population of Gaza without access to necessities such as food, fuel, and electricity, escalating concerns over the humanitarian crisis in the area.

In a video statement widely circulated on Monday, Mr Gallant said the move is part of the fight against “beastly people.” 

The decision to implement the total blockade complements a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted at various areas within the Gaza Strip, which has resulted in multiple civilian casualties. 

According to OCHA, Gaza’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing has said that 159 housing units have been destroyed and 1,210 severely damaged in the Israeli campaign.

According to OCHA, the Israeli airstrikes also caused water and sanitation infrastructure damage for more than 400,000 people and several health facilities. 

The airstrikes have heightened tensions in the region and have been met with widespread condemnation from the international community, with pro-Palestinian protests in Berlin, Atlanta, New York City, and Chicago. 

This latest development comes in the wake of a fortified attack launched by Hamas, one of the most significant assaults on Israeli occupation in recent memory. 

The surprise attack on Saturday has caught Israeli security agencies off guard.