Helicopter in emergency landing in Banki arrives Maiduguri, not downed by Boko Haram

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A helicopter forced into an emergency landing in Banki has returned Maiduguri after repairs.

Earlier misled by a source, a humanitarian worker in the area, we had reported that had shot down a Nigerien helicopter carrying unidentified passengers in Bama local area.

The aircraft had issues shortly after - from Banki on Tuesday morning.

The arrived the scene security coverage while emergency repairs were conducted and the helicopter eventually flew back Maiduguri.

The UN’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs posted on Twitter that UN helicopter was “hit nor crashed” Tuesday.

A of aircraft, operated by different aid agencies and the UN, fly out of the in Maiduguri for daily operations in parts of the state and beyond, and return the at the end of the day. (DAILY TRUST)