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House Of Reps Panel Opposes School Resumption Amidst Rising COVID-19 Cases

The federal government’s decision to reopen schools on January 18 has been faulted by the house of representatives panel on basic education and services.

Last week, the presidential task force on COVID-19 insisted that the date for school resumption remains January 18.

The clarification was made after Adamu Adamu, minister of education, said the federal government was considering shifting the resumption date over rising COVID-19 cases.

But in a statement on Saturday, Julius Ihonvbere, chairman of the house committee, said the federal government did not consult the lawmakers before it fixed the date, adding that the cases of the disease are on the rise.

Ihonvbere said the resumption of schools should be postponed by three months.

“The committee on basic education and services, house of representatives, has received with concern the decision of the federal government to reopen schools on January 18, 2021,” the lawmaker said.

“We are particularly concerned that when the infection rates hovered around 500 and under, schools were closed; but now that it hovers well above 1,000 infections daily, schools are being reopened. Why are we rushing to reopen schools without adequate verifiable and sustainable arrangements to protect and secure our children?

“They did not consult us; at least in my committee, nobody from the ministry spoke to me. I have been in Abuja. And I am not sure that they spoke to any of my members.

“They just don’t see us as part of the critical stakeholders.”