I’d rather remain single than be second wife – Peju Johnson

Voluptuous , Peju Johnson has vowed to remain single rather than end up a second wife.

The script interpreter told Inside that she would never involve herself in polygamy and thus play a second fiddle in . “I would never get into a polygamous . I cannot marry somebody’s husband. I’m still young. I’m not in a rush at all. My own husband would come. So far, nobody is pressurizing me to get married. My mum is the most understanding mother. She knows that when the time is right, I’ll do the right thing,” Ms Johnson stated.

She added: “Nowadays, there are lots of unserious men that do not know what they actually want. They just want to joke around, cook up fake love stories in other to sleep with women. So, what I mean by responsible man is the one who wants something serious, and also wants to settle down. Or the one who is tired of all those games and wants to get serious with life. It is very hard to spot a serious man. That’s why I’m still single because they (men) all know how to pretend and act real and serious at first.”

On what she has been doing since after the COVID-19 lockdown, the light-skinned screen idol said, “Lockdown affected so many things – work, business and all. I was unable to produce my movies this year. So, I’ve rescheduled them till 2021.”

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