India’s COVID-19 recovery rate improves to 83.70%

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New Delhi  – The rate of Friday increased to 83.70 per cent, India’s federal ministry said.

“Till now, 5,352,078 have been cured and 942,217 are active supervision. The rate is now 83.70 per cent,’’ the ministry said.

During the last 24 hours, 81,484 fresh positive cases and 1,095 were reported in the country.

According to the federal ministry, the constant increase in recoveries has ensured the reduction in actual caseload.

said during the past 10 days in a row the active cases have been below the 1 million mark.

Meanwhile, the of recovered has overtaken active cases by than five times.

According to the ministry, the sustained high rate is fuelled by nine states reporting rate of over 80 per cent.

“Early identification through aggressive and wide-scale testing, prompt and effective treatment in hospitals and supervised home as well as facility isolation, have actively led to a high recovery rate in the country,” health said.

Currently, India’s case fatality rate (CFR) stands at 1.56 per cent.

Health India has progressively maintained a low CFR compared to the global average.

With 6,394,068 cases of COVID-19, globally India is one of the worst-hit countries.