Iran dedicates ‘world sacrifice prize’ to legacy of slain ‘martyr’ General Soleimani

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General Soleimani

Baghdad – Members of ’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution on Wednesday decided to introduce the `World Sacrifice Prize’, which will be dedicated to the slain Major General Qasem .

Speaking at the meeting, ’s President Hassan Rouhani stated that the number of people present at the funeral procession of the assassinated general underscored that the U.S. had failed in its attempts to create a division in and Iraq.

“Martyr was a very respectful person who did not abandon his services to the Revolution and the society,’’ Rouhani said.

Following Rouhani’s speech, members of the council unanimously approved the prize, which would be awarded to a war veteran who had demonstrated valour.

General was killed on Jan. 3, when a U.S. Reaper drone launched a missile at his convoy near Baghdad International Airport in a strike that was ordered by U.S. ; Tehran later condemned the attack, calling it an act of terror.

Several days after the assassination, thousands poured into the streets of Kerman, the home town of General Soleimani, to witness the funeral procession of the Iranian IRGC major general and Quds Force commander.

A stampede resulted in 56 being killed during the procession and another 213 were injured.