“It Is Either We Restructure Nigeria Or We Break Up”- Pastor Adeboye Blows Hot (Video)

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Nigerians have been warned the country will break up if it is restructured.

The warning was given by the General Overseer the Redeemed Church God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye as he added voice to the # campaign.

The clergy man took to Tuesday night October 13 to give the warning.

According to him, it is either Nigeria is “restructured or we break up.”

He wrote:

”I believe we might want to look at the problems Nigeria in a slightly different manner. Some feel all our problems will be if Nigeria should break up. I think that is trying to solve the problems of Nigeria as if it is a Simple Equation. The problems of Nigeria will require quite a bit of Simultaneous Equation and some of them are going to be Linear either – forgive me I am talking as a Mathematician.

can’t we have a of government that will create what I will call the United States of Nigeria? Let me explain. We all know that we must restructure. It is either we restructure or we break, you don’t have to be a prophet to know that one. That is certain – restructure or we break up.

, we don’t want to break up, God forbid.

“Without any doubt, we must restructure and do it as soon as possible. A United States of Nigeria is likely to survive than our present structure, this will help across every strata from the police , military, customs, civil service as a whole. Without any doubt the present has just made things difficult for Nigerians young and old and I’m glad to see the new era that we are entering. As we continue to pray and take actions, Let somebody shout hallelujah!

#endpolicebrutality #endkillings”

Watch the video he shared below: