It is showbiz; if you don’t like it, another person will – Iyanya

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MMMG’ poster boy Iyanya recently released behind-the-scenes photos to his soon-to-debut hit song, Mr Oreo.

Apparently the Fame alumnus has received a lot of backlash over the near-nudity the photos advertise. Reacting to the hateful comments from fans, the singer of ‘Kukere’ fame said:

“I feel like I owe my fans good music, which I try to do. The that those pictures are like that, doesn’t make what seems. It’s music, its entertainment, its showbiz. If you don’t like it, another person will like it. Take the one you like, leave the . Don’t condemn the artiste, don’t bad things about the artiste. [eap_ad_1] “At the end of the day, we do all these things for the fans. It hurts when a ‘fan’ insults you or abuses you, when you are trying to please that fan. There are better ways to get this done. There are people that advise me constructively and I take it. People walk up to me and say ‘hey, I think you should do this, it will help you’ and I’ll be like ‘hey, thanks’.” (Radar Ng)