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Japan’s 84-year-old emperor cancels duties due to illness


Tokyo    –     Japanese Emperor Akihito cancelled his duties on Monday after feeling nauseous and dizzy, the Imperial Household Agency said.

“Empress Michiko called a palace doctor early in the morning after her 84-year-old husband said he was feeling sick and sweating profusely,’’ the agency said.

According to the agency, the symptoms were caused by cerebral anaemia, insufficient blood circulation in the brain.

“The doctor advised the emperor to rest and continued to monitor his situation,’’ it said.

On Monday, the imperial couple was supposed to meet Princess Ayako, the youngest daughter of the emperor’s late cousin Prince Takamado, ahead of the palace’s announcement of her engagement to a businessman.

“Michiko met the princess and her mother, Princess Hisako, conveying the emperor’s congratulatory wishes,’’ the agency said.

The emperor is set to abdicate on April 30, in the first such retirement in about 200 years.

Crown Prince Naruhito, the elder son of the emperor, will succeed the Chrysanthemum throne on May 1.

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