Kerosene price rises from N195 to N235 in Enugu

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Some Enugu residents are worried about increase price of kerosene metropolis, from N195 N235 per litre.

NAN correspondent, who monitored sales of the product the metropolis on Wednesday, observed that the have increased most filling stations from N195 N235 per litre, although the product is available in almost all fuel stations.

The fuel station at , Mr Jude Ogbodo, said fuel stations witnessed the increase two weeks ago.

“Here in our fuel station, we sell kerosene according how we bought it, so we did not increase the price because we feel like doing so,” he said.

Another fuel station on Agbani , who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the price had gone up when compared to what was sold two weeks ago.

He added that the product was sold for between N190 and N200 per litre before the recent price increase.

The expressed optimism that its availability would continue in spite of the price increase.

“Many buyers are lamenting over the increase of the product and they are afraid that scarcity of the product may set in.

“It is a surprise to them that it is now sold at the cost of between N235 and N240 at fuel stations, while at the black market it is sold for between N290 and N300,” he said.

A , Mrs Onyeka Agu, said she was not able to buy the number of litres she planned to buy, and appealed to the government to step in and the product affordable to ordinary .

Another , Mr Uzochukwu Nebo, said it was worrisome that the price of kerosene had increased.

Nebo called on the government to the price of the product as it continues to it available, especially for the common man.

He underscored the importance of both price reduction and product availability, saying this would go a long way in reducing the cost of the product and also, the inconvenience caused to .