Killer Herdsmen as a National Emergency

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Lets not politicize the killings in plateau state. They need to stop. They have gone on for too long. They must be stopped , now.

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Those who inflame ethnic passions and stoke religious angers do not want them to stop. Conversely those trivialize the killings, see them as perhaps inevitable or mundane, do not want them to stop.

They are not clashes. They are premeditated mass murders.

This government must end these killings. But those who paint the killings as state sponsored are agents of violence themselves. Buhari has the duty to stop the killings by all means, forcefully . But those throwing innuendos , suggesting Buhari is directly or indirectly responsible for the killings are sons of darkness.

These killings flared up during the Obasanjo regime. A state of emergency was declared in plateau state . After Obasanjo, the killings continued. During Jonathan’s regime, despite the military taskforce, there were many massacres.

No one punished anyone.

Buhari didn’t create them. But Buhari should end them. We must hold this government accountable. The government has been soft on the herdsmen. But we gain nothing from peddling malicious rumours and warped conspiracy theories.

Buhari must start by ending cross country grazing. Then he must end the impunity others before him allowed . He must arrest and prosecute quickly , mass murderers. If people who commit mass murders are never found and never punished, then massacres will never end . And peace will never return to my beloved plateau.

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