LCCI urges framework for policy monitoring, evaluation

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The has decried the lack of a strong monitoring and evaluation framework for implementing policies and programmes aimed at achieving inclusive economic growth and development.

Its President, Toki Mabogunje, said this meant the country cannot learn from its past mistakes.

She spoke during the visit of a delegation of Senior Executive Course () 43 of 2021 of the National Institute of Policy and Strategies Studies (NIPSS), Kuru near Jos, in Lagos.

She added monitoring and evaluation is critical for learning from past developmental efforts, adding helps to planning for economic growth.

“If there is one thing we really , is monitoring and evaluation at national and sub-national levels of government. For NIPSS, I want monitoring and evaluation to be one of your major focus and how we to incorporate monitoring and evaluation into what we are doing,” she said.

Mabogunjs said one of the major shortcomings of in both public and private sectors is the quality of strategy and programme implementation, stressing this has significant implications for policy and strategy outcomes.

She explained that most often, strategies and programmes are excellent on paper but translating such programmes into concrete outcomes are often very big issues.

“We are generally not short of programme strategies and excellent policy documents, but implementation has always been the bane. Yet, a policy or programme is as good as its execution,” she said.

“As private sector players, we believe that good strategy implementation is critical for the creation of an enabling environment and the building of investors’ confidence. At a business level, strategy conceptualisation and effective execution is also very critical for firms to remain competitive and sustainable as a business,” she said.

Also speaking, the leader of the NIPSS delegation who also doubles as the Institute’ Librarian, Dr. Emmanuel Mamman, said the team would make recommendation regarding Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), pointing that without an effective (M&E) framework, would be very difficult to get policies and programmes implemented.

“Whatever programmes we come up with for them to be effectively implemented, there has to be a very strong M&E on ground to ascertain the programmes and policies implemented,” he said.

He said the main focus of the visit was to pay a study visit to , noting that the group was conducting a research on the topic given to it by the president.

“We have chosen to come to Lagos because the is doing very well in terms of policy implementation and we have seen it physically and before leave, through our interactions with the various agencies, we will get enough information for writing our reports to Mr. President,” he said.