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Lessons From Indonesia, By Jonas Odocha


The Kanjuruhan stadium disaster on Saturday October 1, 2022 in which over 150 people died remains the worst in global football stadium disaster. It has been reported that most of the deaths occurred when Indonesian riot police fired teargas, to disperse unruly fans, thereby triggering crushing of fans who were making frantic and chaotic run for the exit gates.
By Monday October 3, the government had removed the Police Chief and nine [9] elite officers, while 18 others are under investigation in the firing of teargas. This prompt action is indicative of effective leadership in ensuring ACCOUNTABILITY when people are saddled with responsibility, in showing EMPATHY when loss of life and property occurs and in exhibiting COURAGE to confront issues and challenges.
There are therefore GOVERNANCE and MANAGEMENT lessons to learn: YOU CAN DELEGATE AUTHORITY BUT YOU CANNOT DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITY. The Indonesian Police Chief and the 9 elite officers were not in the stadium to fire the teargas, but they are taking responsibility for the consequences of the ill-fated actions of those officers they had authorized to take charge in the stadium. Please come back home and recall the STADIUM RECRUITMENT DISASTER in which young job seekers lost their lives a couple of years ago. Was there accountability? No! Instead the man in the eye of the storm became a senator. Now also consider the July 5, 2022 Kuje Correctional Facilities invasion in which 879 inmates including 64 high-profile Boko-Haram terrorists escaped during the jail break, in which also 5 persons lost their lives. Three months after, what action, what accountability?
Obviously there are lessons to learn. People in authority must be held accountable for ACTIONS and INACTIONS associated with their functions. This is what governance is about. As Nigerians yearn for a NEW NIGERIA come 2023, our focus must target a leader capable of confronting challenges and holding people accountable. WHEN YOU SEEK YOU FIND!!!

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