Libya: Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces Thwarts 115 Attempts To Cross Border

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Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF)

Khartoum – Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has intercepted 115 people on Sudan’s territory when they were trying to cross the border on their way to Libya, the RSF said on Wednesday.

“The RSF stopped 115 people of different nationalities in the Triangle area (also known as Halayeb Triangle) on their way to Libya,” the RSF said in a press release obtained by Sputnik.

According to the press release, there were 36 people from Ethiopia, 21 from Libya, 49 from Sudan and nine from a gang, which is considered the most dangerous in this area and represents a security threat.

“This group will be handed over to the relevant authorities for legal proceedings,” the RSF noted.

Illegal migrants often cross Sudan’s territory on their way to Europe through Libya or Egypt.The RSF, founded in 2013, patrols Sudan’s national borders in a bid to control illegal migrant flow.