Little Boy Who Educates People While Selling Sachet Water By the Roadside Gets Scholarship From Nigerian Musician (Video)

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A gospel musician has located a brilliant boy who sells pure water by roadside after he was seen in a educationg people importance of water and energy.

Gospel singer, Sinach also offered him scholarship to return to school.

In , sachet water hawker could be seen trying to convince someone to buy water from him.

As his marketing strategy, the boy would define water, list qualities of good water, and discuss importance of water while focusing its energy giving feature.

Being in an era of a dreaded , he would also go ahead to discuss the role water plays in helping the body system fight against novel Coronavirus.

When he is sure to have fully educated his potential customer why they need to drink enough water, he would then proceed to plead with his potential customer to please buy water from him.

Award winning gospel artiste, Osinachi Joseph popularly known as Sinach after seeing the video, indicated interest to offer the “pure water” seller scholarship to enable him go back to school so his intelligence doesn’t end a waste.

Watch video of the intelligent boy intellectually convincing a prospective buyer below;