Low key palm Sunday celebration in Aso Rock

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* Those alleging Jonathan has performed are mischievous – Rev Okoye

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – ‎It was a solemn Palm Sunday Church service  at held at Villa Chapel when only a handful of worshipers, joined President Goodluck Jonathan to worship God.‎

Aside the choir and clerics, those in attendance did not exceed the first three roles on both sides while workers and few security aides and media occupied the last roles behind.

Usually, on a day like this, the church which is not really big, would have been full to the bream some spilling over to the adjourning space upstairs‎.

But on this day, ‎it was truly a solemn service attended mainly by few of the President’ aides, chairperson Civil service Commission, Executive Secretary National Christian Commission and a couple from the diplomatic community.‎

‎The guest minister, Rev. (Dr.) William Okoye, who is the founding General Overseer of the All Christians Fellowship Mission, Abuja, said those alleging that President Jonathan has not perform in his four years in office were either being mischievous or economical with the truth as his achievements were glaring for all to see.

He noted that Nigerians have done their beat by voting at the Saturday presidential election and added that the rest was now in God’s hands and going by the performance of President Jonathan, the result be in his favour.

Okoye was the Chaplain of Aso Rock, Villa Chapel, Abuja, between 1999 and 2007. Speaking at the Palm Sunday Church Service at Villa Chapel, on the title “Victory Rest with The Lord”, and using the pilot text Proverbs 21:31 and alluding to the presidential elections held on Saturday, he said there was nothing the Jonathan administration has not done to move the nation forward, noting that those saying contrary were being mischievous or economical with the true.

‎In what was obviously a message to lift up the spirit of the congregation probably following the early unofficial release of some results of the presidential elections that seem to go the way of the opposition, Okoye said, God puts people in authority, urging the congregation to give thems no matter the outcome.‎

The guest minister who was also member of the Presidential Advisory Council on Youths Affairs and member, National Political Reform Conference (Representing Federal Capital Territory, Abuja), noted that people in their usual sycophantic nature would go to various places claiming they prayed and would want to take the glory as facilitators  of victory when the result goes the way of the principle, urging President Jonathan not to make that mistake but  attribute the victory (if he eventually wins) to God and not to man. According to him, “That is where we sin against God”.

He‎ said further, “It is God that puts people in authority and we have done all we have to do, we have to look to him (God) and believe we are going to sing a new song”.
Okoye told Jonathan pointedly that even though he (Jonathan) has performed, he must be told he made mistakes in certain areas which he did not name, urging him to correct those mistakes should God give him the opportunity to return to office for a second term.
According to him, “If God gives us another opportunity there are three things we must do. One, we must acknowledge  God as our source of victory and helper. Two, review all you have done in the past, learn from past mistakes because you have done well but you must admit you have made mistakes. Thirdly, repackage the mistakes you have made so that you can launch ou‎t in full force. Every leader in public office is in a position of trust; we must account for the position we have been given and do things right.”Okoye said he was happy that the President at a recent event said he was ready to serve but was not desperate. ‎

“Thank God we have a President who wants to serve and not engage in do or die politics. Some of us were here during the third term agenda and I kicked against it from this altar.
“As a villa chaplain under Obasanjo, ‎the third term agenda was not originally his idea‎, hence he rejected it when it was suggested. But those behind it went and repackaged and presented it to him and he bought into it. When ‎he told me about it I kicked against it but before you knew it he was sidelining me and so I was forced to use the pulpit to tell him God was not with him on that matter because the idea was not God’s and that was why the idea failed.
[pro_ad_display_adzone id=”10″]”Thank God we have a president that says I want to serve but I’m not desperate. So it is not a question of do or die thing. ‎

‎”This election is not a do or die. If we loss we will go and use the experience to serve humanity. So there is nothing to worry about.  I know with what this government has done if given opportunity in another four years Nigeria will be better. ‎That is why we are not to be proud because God resist the proud”.

In his short remarks, ‎the Aso Villa Chaplain, Venerable Obioma Onwuzurumba, ‎expressed happiness that the elections held despite wicked insinuations that the president didn’t want it to hold because he wanted to stay longer in power.
According to him, “It was said the President would not allow elections to hold because he wanted to hold unto power but it held. A friend of mind sent me a text that God has chosen who will govern before the foundation of the world and we just voted to authenticate that person.”
He described as callous where somebody else who had similar experience like the President whose voters ‎card was not recognised by the card reader was denied from voting.
“She called me and told me that the card reader did not recognise her card and I told her to insist on getting the incident form but she was refused. I told her to insist on her rights that Mr. President faced similar thing and was given an incident form but rather they threatened to arrest her claiming her PVC has been cloned. That is very callous because this was a card issued by INEC”, he said.