Makinde: Governor of the Year, By Tiamiyu Idris

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It’s no longer news or hearsay a state in Nigeria now has a Governor that has taken giant strides in Employment, Economy, Agriculture, Security and Health sectors in the annals of the state.

A Governor whose achievements within record time are unprecedented, his type uncommon and his records unparalleled.

This piece is not the work of image makers- even the deaf can hear his accomplishments and the blind can see clearly.
But who could be the datum point for this article? Which state governor could the writer be referring to? For the sake of my impatient readers, albeit the article’s caption says it all.
But, which governor could it be if not Oluwaseyi of Oyo state?
Yes! the ever radiant, young and energetic, calm and collected, foresighted, humble and kind son of mama Abigail of Aigbofa compound in Oja’ba, Ibadan has not only kept to his campaign promises, he has truly proven his mettle service and well bring of the masses comes first.

Ask me of a governor who would go against the grain to put smile on the faces of the downtrodden, and I’ll show you governor Seyi of Oyo state.
You think i’m lying?, Ask Oyo retirees!

Ask me of a governor who buck the trend of political actors to employ into the public service purely based on merit, and I’ll show you Governor Seyi Makinde.
You think he’s overly glorified?, Ask the recently recruited teachers and officers into the public and civil service!

Ask me of a governor who’s ready to step on toes to make the citizenry enjoy the full dividends of good governance, and I’ll show you Seyi Makinde, the Uncommon governor of Oyo state.
You’re still in doubt? Probably i should refer you to contractors who offered to give 50% of project fund back to the Governor.

He make Oyo State being the sole owner of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho a reality despite futile attempts by past governments even when the helmsmen of Osun and Oyo states were from the same political party. Yes! He’s the jinx breaker.
Tell me why you won’t this man

The recently reconstructed Lekan Salami stadium which had been left moribound for years is yet another achievement the led government will continue to boast of and take credit for.
An intimidating legacy in sports.
Were you at the refurbished stadium which was opened in Grand style on Wednesday, September 1? If not, then you missed!
Teeming with crowds from Senica to Slovakia, Bama to Bori, Adamawa to Adamasingba, to gladly watch the spectacular match as our 3SC thrashed the Slovakia’s team. Even Atiku was there!
You can’t imagine less when a governor heavily invested in sports.

The talk and do governor has not only wawed the citizenry, the opposition couldn’t help but marvel. In the end, they’ll come to terms with the fact having a personality like Gov. Seyi as the governor of a state is a great thing that will happen to any state

We might not know now but Gov. has set the records straight and automatically raised the expectation of electees from electors- we never knew electors can achieve and perform so well.

Now we have a governor whom didn’t employ just months to election for mere show off only for them to be retrenched after electioneering.
Now, we have a governor whom despite haemorrhaging economy, consequent of the ravaging pandemic, continues to pay salary on the 25th of every month plus 13th month
Now we have a people’s governor that’s ever ready to rebuff the political elites to satisfy the masses
His achievements continues to resonate so loud even the opposition can’t feign deafness to it’s sonority
Now we have a governor of the masses, by the masses and for the masses.
By far the best and the governor of the year!

•Idris writes from Ibadan via [email protected]