Malaysian Airliner crash: Dutch PM deeply troubled, departs Brussels summit

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is returning to the Netherlands from a summit in Brussels, Reuters . In a statement, he said he was “deeply shocked” by the crashed , which took off from the Dutch capital Amsterdam, but added “much is still unclear about the facts, circumstances and the passengers”. Meanwhile, AP that the appeared to have broken before impact, the wreck scattered over a wide area in the village Grabovo.

According to BBC, a page affiliated to ’s pro-European EuroMaidan movement has posted images Ukrainians offering condolences at the Malaysian embassy in Kiev, one lady carrying a placard the slogan: “Putin is a murderer”, our colleagues at BBC report. The number dead from crash #MH17 more 300, includes 23 U.S. citizens, according to  Interior Ministry adviser, quoted by Interfax.

However, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman tells reporters they have no information on the cause of the crash or of casualties. She said she could confirm if there were any US citizens on board or . But US State Department is working to determine if there were any U.S. citizens on board Flight MH17 The route taken by flight MH17 was a well-flown route between Europe and Asia, a pilot tells BBC correspondent Richard Westcott. He said that any troops have known the path was full of civilian aircraft.

Independent Malaysian news portal Malaysiakini says minister Liow Tiong-lai is on his way back to Kuala Lumpur to handle the MH17 incident. He was visiting Beijing where his itinerary included discussion of the search of the missing flight MH370 . (BBC)