Malaysian airliner crash: Ukraine accuses rebels of looting crash site

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Ukraine accused rebels of looting jewelry, credit cards and money the crash site of a passenger jet that went down the nation’s east.

The United States said a surface-to-air missile, possibly fired by pro-Russian rebels, took down Airlines Flight 17 .

The plane, which had 298 people aboard, traveling Amsterdam to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

The government Kiev said it received of looting of various items, including money and jewelry, and relatives to cancel the victims’ credit cards.

But a CNN crew at the scene said it did not see any signs of looting or the rebels rummaging through items at the crash site. Pro-Russian rebels have been lurking around the site since the plane crashed.


An international organization at the scene Friday said it appears that the bodies have not been tampered with.

However, Ukrainian government officials claimed that “terrorists,” as they routinely refer to the rebels, had taken 38 bodies the scene to a morgue Donetsk city, a rebel stronghold.

The government statement also accused the rebels of “seeking to export large-sized transport aircraft wreckage to Russia.” It appealed for the international community to put pressure Moscow to rein in the rebels, saying, “Russia is supporting terrorists in attempts to destroy evidence of international crime.”

As Ukraine’s government pointed fingers at the rebels, investigators worked to access to the site. Malaysian investigators touched down in Kiev Saturday to try to the bottom of what happened to the jetliner.

But it’s uncertain whether they will make it to the crash site in rebel-held eastern Ukraine, ’s official news agency Bernama reported. They’re negotiating with pro-Russian rebels over access for 131-member .