Man Allegedly Kills His Pregnant Wife For Ritual Three months After Wedding

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A man identified as Nnanna Emeka is currently at large after he allegedly 4-month- for ritual purposes Ugbele Mgbidi area of State.

It was gathered that unfortunate incident occurred on , July 3, 2021, just three months after tied knot.

According a source, “He wanted wife on a date, and then, probably her somewhere and k*ll her. He would have come back cook up stories cover track. But unfortunately for him, wife refused go with him.

Just few days before, she had told a friend that for the past week her husband’s character has changed, that she doesn’t understand him anymore. So, we believe that’s why she refused to go with him.

However, after trying fruitlessly to his wife to go out with him, he allegedly decided to k*ll her inside apartment and her corpse to the place where the ritual will be performed.

He was said to have used a rod to hit her on her forehead. But while trying to transport the body, people became suspicious and confronted him. But he took to his heels and as speak, he is no where to be found.

They got married three months ago and the deceased was four months pregnant with his child.”