Medical practitioner cautions women against applying breast milk on babies’ eyes

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BADAGRY – A medical practitioner, Dr Ibikun Sonaike, Thursday cautioned women in Badagry, Lagos State, against applying breast milk on their babies’ eyes.

Sonaike, who works with Apa Primary Health Centre in Badagry West Local Council Development Area, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Badagry.

Women in Apa area of Badagry usually apply breast milk into the eyes of their infants to solve eye problems such as redness of the eyes and .

They also apply urine in the eyes for the of conjunctivitis popularly called “Apollo’’.

“This problem seen on a few occasions is the issue of medical misinformation from traditional remedies.

“Application of breast milk into the eyes immediately gives a platform for the super infection of the eyes as it creates a culture rich medium where microbes can thrive.

“This will lead to bacterial conjunctivitis and given enough time, it could lead to impaired vision.

“Also, the application of urine into the eyes for the treatment of “Apollo” is a bad practice and it be stopped,” Sonaike said.

He advised with eye complaints to always seek medical attention.

“All forms of eye problems should be treated by medical experts and people should desist from home remedies.

“We must know that the eyes are irreplaceable and vision impacts directly on the of life that one lives, so, this issue should be treated with seriousness,” Sonaike said.

He urged governments and corporate organisations to sponsor programmes that would enlighten people in the on healthy living. (NAN)