Miyetti Allah Talking Nonsense On Land In Nigeria Belonging To Fulanis – Junaid

A northern group, Kautal Hore has been fingered as a politcal group created for po­litical purposes by a prominent northern politician, Dr. Junaid Mohammed.

The elder statesman and Second Republic lawmaker while accusing of creating the controversial group, lambasted its members for claiming that Fulanis own all lands in Nigeria.

He made the accusation while reacting, in an interview with Daily Independent, to recent con­troversies sparked by the ­ship of the organisation led by Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, the Na­tional President.

Junaid Mohammed said: “You can see that the whole thing is nothing but politics.

was created by the likes of Buhari himself, late Shehu Yar’Adua, and others.

They wanted to use it for pol­itics and, today, it is being used of and others for politics. The same thing goes for the former who was sacked, Sanusi.” by the likes of the Sultan

While condemning the order by Governor Ak­eredolu, Junaid said while it was true that there were some bad elements who were perpetrating crimes, the governor should iden­tify them and charge them to court rather than issue a blanket statement asking all on legal duty to leave.

“If anything happens, you hear people screaming, ‘it is Fulani ’.


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