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Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Dogara to adopt a pan Nigerian platform


By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Former speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara has said he remain committed in the unity of the country, hence insisting on the rejection of the Muslim, Muslim ticket of the Presidential candidacy of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

Dogara said haven rejected the same faith ticket, he is searching for a Pan Nigerian platform that Christians and Muslims will support in 2023.

The former Speaker stated this in Jos at the weekend, during a lecture titled: “Nigerian Democracy Post 1999, Progress, Diversity and National Unity”.

Speaking at the event, Dogara was represented by the former member representing Pankshin, Kanke Kanam federal constituency of Plateau State, Hon. Timothy Golu, said when some of them rose against the same faith ticket, it was because they were bothered by the issues and insistence on same faith ticket and same faith voting which is tantamount to summoning a jihad to collide with a crusade.

He explained that, the people promoting this combustible agenda hate the North and by extension, Nigeria, adding that they want to use religion to weaken the North first for some sinister schemes because “our weakness is their strength”, he said.

According to him: “Take it or leave it, if Nigeria has a major promise those that will deliver on it will be those of you who will summon the courage to embrace people of other faiths in the spirit of justice, equity and fair play. The truth is that no one will root out Islam just like no one will root out Christianity from the North or Nigeria”.

He further stressed “If that is the case, why won’t Christians and Muslims work together on the many things we agree upon to make Plateau, the North and Nigeria great. All that bothers us is the progress of all Nigerians regardless of creed.”

The former Speaker also pointed out that it doesn’t matter that some are calling them fanatics for daring to advocate for justice, inclusiveness and for a platform where Nigerians of all faiths can coalesce for nation building noting that if he is indeed a fanatic, he is grateful that he is not a fanatic for evil, injustice and division but a fanatic for justice, unity, inclusiveness, peace and progress.

Dogara argued that the very foundation and structures upon which our system is built is faulty and something radical, must be done to correct it, saying what is happening to us is failure at nation building and not the system that we adopted as we have no option but to come together as one people to built our country.

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