New job for APC spokesman

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SIR: The spokesman for the APC no doubt has made history for his zealousness in the role as opposition party spokesman, not only in the days of defunct ACN, but with a renewed strength at the birth of APC, even till now.

The elderly man, not only gave the outgoing ruling party serious headache, but also fought them to a standstill, to the extent that the ruling party seemed not to have his equal in the job.

At every opportunity, the APC spokesman must have reason to talk about every matter, even the most trivial, which has no bearing with the governance style of the ruling party. Mama Peace’s medical sojourn abroad comes to mind.

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The man’s activism became so notorious that he later sold boredom to his regular audience. Anyway, the Baba has really done a wonderful job, to the extent that he can offer a pro-bono crash course in the ‘subject matter’ to the new opposition party. Thus, it can be implied that the ‘active spokesman’ has gotten a ‘new job role’ for himself.

Come May 29, his new job role will be ‘spokesman of the ruling party’ or the “governing party” as preferred by the President-elect.