Nigeria @ 58: Kwankwaso sues for peace, unity for better nation

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By Angela Atabo


Abuja   –     Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso on Sunday urged Nigerians to embrace peace and unity as Nigeria celebrates her 58 independent anniversary .

Kwankwaso in a made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja celebrated with Nigerians at the independent anniversary .

The Peoples presidential aspirant said that though the nation bedeviled by unemployment, insurgency, disunity but with unity the nation would overcome

He urged Nigerians to be and hopeful for a better nation in spite of the various challenges.

” I assure you, by this time next October when the country will be celebrating its 59th Independence anniversary; the trajectory would have changed substantially.

“In just a little while, several millions of our compatriots will no longer beg for or depend on handouts to survive.

“It’s a solemn promise, food sufficiency is an achievable goal.

“Together we shall banish hunger in the land and restore the self-esteem of every man. ”

Kwankwaso also assured Nigerians that he would make the country a safe and secured place and return peace and serenity to all the trouble spots in the land.

He said that the middle belt people would no longer have to flee their land seeking refuge elsewhere and rural bandits would no longer have a field day people in Zamfara or any state.

He said that if elected, his government would protect the defenseless and ensure that every act of evil committed by anyone was met with adequate punishment as spelt out by the country’s Constitution.

Kwankwaso guaranteed that insurgents would have no safe haven to perpetrate their heinous crime against Nigerians ever again.

“Dear Nigerians, I pledge solemnly that we shall lift many out of the unemployment loop through a deliberate and intentional job creation scheme that will be aggressively pursued. It’s doable. It’s a must.

“Dear Nigerian, I assure you, we shall unify the country by returning it to every Nigerian, who will now have a sense of inclusiveness in the Nigerian federation,” he said

Kwankwaso pledged to be a Nigerian President responsible and responsive to every Nigerian.

He also assured that every Nigerian would have a sense of pride in actually being a Nigerian living in the country or outside its shores.

“Please accept my best wishes on the 58th Independence anniversary of our beloved country.” he said(