Home Entertainment Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Kelblizz Voice out About Goals to Excellence 

Nigerian Disc Jockey, DJ Kelblizz Voice out About Goals to Excellence 


By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja(Sundiata Post) – DJ Kelblizz says that Achieving your goals isn’t just about talent or luck, it’s about having the right mindset and system you can follow to achieve consistent success.
Miracle Sabastine Aggrey Best Known as DJ Kelblizz, is a Nigerian  Disc Jockey, Record Producer, music Publisher, Writer and a Computer Scientist. He plays different genres from hip-hop, trap, Electronic Dance Music, pop, Afro pop and afrobeats in his music and Tours. 

Excellence is performing at your highest level. Whether it’s raising your self-esteem, doing well at your job, having satisfying relationships, or improving your physical body, engaging in excellence means you carefully think through your goal and make logical plans, you take the time to do your best, and you work hard at achieving what you desire.

Pursuing excellence begins with a decision you make, an ideal you envision. Once that vision is in place, you do whatever is necessary to make it a reality.

DJ Kelblizz , Having a Great Passion for Djin, is Getting Global Audience across the world for his djin skills, good music and sounds. The Young Star from West Africa is making hits and aiming for the Billboard.

DJ Kelblizz  articulates work of Fighting Idolness, Low Self-esteem and Gives Motivation to his Audience with his sounds, He is widely spreading Good Sounds around the world, Spinning All Music Genre. In addition to music, He is a Computer scientist.

The Disc Jockey and Music publisher aims at motivating upcoming artists and helping them to get heard and also give them good tips for them to grow in their music heard.

DJ Kelblizz Says DJs are the Engine Of the Music Entertainment Hub and are to be given more accolades as the Promote artist content, they engage artist music with new audience.

Doing Music is something for someone who has the  passion for it, and if you’re really passionate about what you love , it will take you to places without you knowing . He argues Rising Acts to be motivated. Great Motivation to the Entertainment Field

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