Nigerian Senators: Serving The People or Fleecing The People? By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) How can any group of people defy public opinion and be collecting(not earning) outrageous salaries and allowances and claim that they are serving the people? How can each Senator be collecting thirteen million Naira every month as the so-called running costs, and pretend to be serving the people? Once you are gaining unfair advantage at the expense of the people, you are no longer serving them. Politics is supposed to be public service. These outrageous financial rewards are insane and incongruous with good conscience.

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With each of our 109 Senators collecting N13.5 million as running costs per month, apart from other hefty pay cheques, do you think our so-called democracy is for the people? The politicians are the biggest albatross on our economy. Unfortunately, the elected Representatives who are supposed to amend the constitution to remove these anomalies will never do so because these loopholes are serving their interests. They have repeatedly rejected proposals for part time legislation to reduce the costs of governance.

Ironically, these are the same people preaching patriotism and sacrifices to university lecturers and medical doctors whenever they go on strikes for better conditions of service. The day elected officials become more powerful than the voters that gave them the mandate democracy is literally dead!

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