Nigerians celebrate inventor of incubator, who has relocated Pabroad

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By Victor Oso

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – have been applauding and celebrating medical feat and ingenuity of inventor, Dr. Chibuike Chukwudu, whose carton – improvised incubator saved a premature born death, because there was no modern incubator in the (unnamed) hospital in the country.

Dr. Chukwudu also, used slippers to construct a cervical collar to save an accident victim from choking to death. Both are alive today.

These revelations, which has generated widespread reactions the social media, were revealed in an online platform: IGBO History and Facts.

According to Ezi nwaanyị
@Simply_Toochi “Yeah doctor Cj deserves this celebration. Nigeria almost killed him and now he has left. Omo we celebrated his departure. Better RIP for this fine man whose Facebook page is a pleasure to visit.”
In his contribution, Boris Nwachukwu @CBN9 said
“Although we applaud him for being innovative, we must also consider what this does to his esteem. Of course he saved lives. Should he be subjected to such medieval mode of practicing medicine in a nation of abundance? This is why many doctors leave the practice or simply emigrate.”

Ugonma @YveeSF enthused: “I’m quite acquainted with this doctor. Not seen anyone like him.”

In her contribution, Chinwe Amaka
@ChinweEgbu said, “This is the height of Igbo excellence. King!”
Joining the fray, Johnnie Ucheibe @JUcheibe “These are the kind of we should celebrate and these are the kind of Doctors we need. Kudos to a great man.”