Home Entertainment Nigerians express opinions as Toyin Aimakhu swears never to remarry.

Nigerians express opinions as Toyin Aimakhu swears never to remarry.


Abuja –  Nigerians have taken to social media to express their opinions on broken marriages as famous Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu says she will never get married again.

The actress who is popularly known for her role in Yoruba movies, made this statement in an interview after confirming that she had ended her marriage with Nigerian celebrity, Adeniyi Johnson.

Johnson was said to have had multiple extra-marital affairs.

Idara Nta, an Abuja based teacher told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that she could relate with Aimakhu’s comment, as a failed marriage could make an individual choose to remain single.

“I understand her pain and can totally relate with her.

“We women just love to share our heart with the man we are interested in and enjoy the idea of being taken care of.
“For women like me who have had terrible marriages in the past, it is easy to decide to give up on love and relationships.

“The fact is that no matter how lonely you are as a single woman, your condition can never be as bad as that of a woman in an unhappy marriage,’’ Nta said.

Tonye Dagogo, an entrepreneur based in Abuja said it seemed people no longer take marriage seriously and those who still did, seemed to find reasons that convinced them to give up.

“I have a good number of female friends who complain of their marriages and seemed not to be satisfied with what they have.

“Because there is an unfaithful partner doesn’t mean one should just walk away. People seem to neglect the fact that marriage should and can be worked on.

“I understand that heartbreaks and betrayals can crush ones hope and desire to invest emotions in another, but because your ex-husband cheated on you doesn’t mean that the next man that comes along will also do the same.
“We all have to ensure we develop ourselves and heal from the pain and then we can go into the dating pool with fresh eyes and easily identify what we want,’’ Dagogo added.

A fan of Aimakhu, Bukola Davis told NAN that he saw no reason for the actress to be scared of marriage, insisting that people were supposed to learn from their mistakes so they could move on.

“I laughed when I heard of the statement she made and wondered how serious she was.

“Women love and that is a fact so she can’t be sure that she won’t marry again, especially as she is a beautiful woman who men are attracted to.

“People cannot just turn down a concept because it failed before and I see no reason why she should have that mindset towards marriage.” He said.

“I will stress on the fact that marriage has its ups and downs and if it fails, then we should be true to ourselves and identify our mistakes so that our next relationship and marriage will be much better,’’ Davis said. (NAN)

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